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e-Health Treatment of Emotional Distress

A proven complementary medicine treatment approach, implemented via e-Health application, enabling universal access at any time, location, and language

We are a treatment and research center providing complementary medicine interventions—implemented in person and online—aimed at efficient and effective resolution of personal emotional distress

1[1]Emotional Immunity Treatment was developed by Dr. Ora Golan in the US and Israel, beginning in 1990, as a complementary medicine treatment for individuals with diverse emotional issues, including anxiety, panic attacks, attention disorders, and stress- and relationship-related problems. Treatment has been provided to over 30,000 patients throughout the world across cultures, languages, genders, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds and levels of education. A recent study noted that Emotional Immunity Treatment has an evidence-based 88.4% success rate across emotional distress presentations

Emotional Immunity e-health treatment has been developed on the basis of extensive clinical treatment experience and outcome research.

  • In the clinical center the treatment is based on clear physiologic indications. In the e- Health setting treatment is delivered on the basis of algorithm-based remote voice analysis. Elimination of emotional distress takes place on the basis of assessment of the patient's unique profile. Remote e-Health treatment is implemented via targeted verbal feedback and instruction.
  • Treatment consists of four appointments of approximately 20 minutes each.
  • Level of improvement is assessed by comparing pre- and post-treatment patient assessments including delayed post-treatment assessment of maintenance of treatment gains.
  • The Emotional Immunity e-Health internet platform is designed to enable treatment implementation in multiple languages

Emotional Immunity e-Health treatment is aimed at reducing prevalent and consequential emotional distress among the significant client category of individuals worldwide who prefer complementary medicine treatments, among those who have tried and failed conventional treatment, and among those who are seeking efficient, effective, and e-Health mediated assistance in resolving emotional distress, without direct patient-therapist contact.  This e-health treatment will become available to millions worldwide through smart devices (smartphones, etc.).

Technology & Platform

eMotional Immunity Treatment requires users to download a dedicated app to their smart mobile device and to participate in four weekly sessions online. A sophisticated algorithm that runs over our cloud platform analyzes the patient’s voice, identifies a unique individual emotional signature, and provides a customized solution for a variety of issues:

  • Anxiety and fears
  • Depressed feelings
  • Attention disorders
  • Distress caused by physical health challenges
  • Phobias
  • Emotional resolution of changes in life including retirement and employment
  • Relationship related distress
  • Relationship separation issues: ‘X YOUR EX’ :
  • Sports performance mental focus and resilience issues
  • Quality of Life Improvement


The eMotional Immunity Treatment platform aggregates vast amounts of data created by the online sessions, and builds up a database that stores information regarding defined populations of individuals seeking complementary medical interventions, among those experiencing emotional distress, and among those suffering from specific subgroups of life stressors.,

An application for a patent in the USA is currently at an advanced stage.